Ellis Island Interviews: In Their Own Words (Facts On File,
432 pages), offers the firsthand accounts of the last surviving
original immigrants to come to America and has become the
definitive work on Ellis Island and the immigrants who passed
through it. It was published in hardcover and trade paperback
in multiple editions and was a Main Selection of several book
clubs, including History Book Club, Book-of-the-Month Club,
and Quality Paperback Book Club (QPB). The book has gone
on to become a bestseller, critically acclaimed by The New
York Times and Publishers Weekly, and praised by, among
others, then-New York City Mayor Rudolph Giuliani; former
New York City Mayor Abraham Beame and former Chrysler
chairman and Ellis Island benefactor, Lee Iacocca; literary
critic Leslie Fiedler who wrote: "We owe a debt of gratitude
to Peter Morton Coan for having disseminated in their own
words the hopes, fears, and subsequent fates of some of our
few aging fellow Americans who once entered this country
through the now mythic portals of Ellis Island. To have lost
them would have impoverished us all."

The author's home state of Ohio-and then-Governor Bob Taft-
awarded Ellis Island Interviews (Barnes & Noble, Fall River
Press, 432 pages), "Ohioana Nonfiction Book of the Year"
in 1999. The book is currently on the reading list of schools
and colleges across the United States and has been reprinted
annually since 2004 by Barnes & Noble, currently published
under its imprint Fall River Press, and continues to be
a bestselling book on Ellis Island and Statue of Liberty Island.

Editorial material from the book has also been quoted extensively
in academic publications, including the textbook/CD-ROM for
World History - The Human Journey (2005), published by Holt,
Rinehart Winston (2005), 1013 pages; as well as the textbook/
CD-ROM for American Nation (2006). In addition, the author
was the featured interviewee as part of a two-hour radio program
on BBC Scotland in 2007 (later a CD) called Reflections: Ellis
Island & the Scottish Experience (2008). During the 2008
presidential conventions, the book was featured at convention
kiosks for the Fox News program Real American Stories.